Natural Populations

Arabidopsis thaliana (See


Brachypodium ssp

We currently have approximately 2722 natural accessions (LINK) of Brachypodium from Turkey, Spain and the Middle East native range as well as California and Australia in the introduced range. Most were genotyped by sequencing to determine species and genotype/family group. Unique sample subsets are re-strucutred populations suitable for Genome Wide Association Studies.

The species complex collection contains

B. hybridum (allo-polyploid 2n=30) 1008 accessions x XXXX SNPs

75 genotypes (LINK), 

B. stacei (diploid 2n=20) with only 51 accessions & 22?genotypes (LINK),

B. distacheon (diploid 2n=10) with 479 accessions, 108?genotypes (LINK)


Brachypodium Genomics book chapter supplementary data: Brachypodium – Ear Emergence Phenotype Data

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Brachypodium  has been found in most wheat growing regions in Australia.

B. distachyon in Aust.Brachy Collection

Our natural genomic mapping populations will be available in stock centers.