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Automated Canon DSLR imaging system

We have transitioned from using Canon DSLR + EyeFi cards with PClix intervalometers to Raspberry Pi’s for handling camera captures and uploads. We now 10-14 DSLR cameras in the Convironchambers running continuously. They capture JPG+RAW images at 5-min intervals and upload them to the server. Raspberry Pi’s handle all captures, data tracking and uploads.

Each pi controls the two DLSLR cameras in each chamber. The internal pi camera takes lower res images every 30 seconds to audit that the lights are behaving correctly. Many thanks to Gareth for coding all of this together for us.

Once on the server, the images are moved and renamed into TimeStream format via Python Script to the correct project folder where they can be auto-processed into quantitative phenomics data via the TraitCapture pipeline.

The camera status page shows at a glance the status of all the cameras in real-time.

Next we will be rewriting our timelapse player code so clicking on any of the images in the status page plays the timelapse from that camera.


NCRIS Greenhouses / Glasshouses

Darwinia – Room 08

EXPID: Pelargonium (EXPID: BVZ015; Caroline)

Dates:Oct. 10, 2013 – Dec. 12, 2013


Interactive player:



EXPID: Eucalyptus (EXPID: BVZ019; Justin & Jason Bragg)

Dates: Aug 26, 2013 – Oct. 10, 2013



Brachypodium — (EXPID: BVZ009; Jared)

Exp. Date: Feb 7, 2013 – Aug 1, 2013

Darwinia 08


TERN Phenocams

Discovery Daintree Tower

DSLRs: Timelapses in Gigapan TimeMachine format

(Click on any of the thumbnails to go to the camera page)

Chamber 02 – Left                                                                                                   Chamber 02 – Right                                                                                Chamber 04 – Left

         View TimeMachine-gc02-1         View TimeMachine-gc02-2          TimeMachine-bvz12-gc04-1_thumb



Archived projects

  • Acacia
    • Room 18 – Pelargonia
    • Camera: Axis P1347 IP 5-Megapixel