The Borevitz Lab is examining how phenotype and environment interact to produce observed phenotypes. We are taking a top-down and bottom-up approach by combining both highly controlled growth chamber studies with landscape-scale field research.

A modified growth cabinet with minute-interval updates to lighting specra, temperature and humidity (see live timelapse here)


Lab work

In the lab we are building a High Throughput phenotyping pipeline for tageted genetic diessection of traits in model plant species.  In the field (“top-down”) we are using conventional and gigapaixel resolution time-lapse cameras combined with targeted genetic sampling to map patterns of genetic dieveristy on the landscape and identify traits of interest.


Field Work

In the field we will be installing gigapixel resolution time-lapse camera as well as a range of more conventional megapixel resolution cameras to track phenological events in our study sites. Will also be installing mesh-networked weather sensors to capture fine-grained weather data. Finally, extensive genetic ssampling of populations of interest and of phenotypic outliers identified with the weather data will help us examine the realtive impacts of environment and genetics on observed phenotype in wild plant populations.

Timelapse Camera Examples


Greenhouse cameras

(Beta demo with low res PlantCams by Wingscapes)