Germplasm and Population Resources

  • Arabidopsis thanliana – core HapMap 473 lines
  • Brachypodium distachyon, stacii, and hybridum – 350 wild accessions from Europe and Australia
  • Pelargonia ssp from South Africa and Australia
  • Eucalyptus melliodora, pauciflora

Genomics Resources

Phenomics Resources

Environmental Growing Conditions

  • SpectralPhenoClimatron, dynamic diurnal and seasonal climate conditions.
    • Heliospectra L4A S10 and new L4A S20 LED lights – SolarCalc
  • PGC Flex chambers, standard conditions,
  • Constant Environment Rooms
  • Greenhouses with cameras
  • Field sites
    • National Arboretum
    • Kioloa Coastal Campus
    • Alcola mine reforestations Huntly Western Australia

Association Studies

  • Fall flowering time Arabidopsis (Li et al, 2013 Genetics) Data