This international NSF sponsored project investigates Population Genetic, Taxonomic and Environmental dimensions of biodiversity in the global biodiversity hotspot of South Africa.

Parallel evolutionary radiations in Protea and Pelargonium in the Greater Cape Floristic Region Carl Schlichting, Kent Holsinger, Cynthia Jones, and John Silander, University of Connecticut (NSF 1046328); Andrew Latimer, University of California Davis (NSF 1045985); Justin Borevitz, ANU (NSF 1046251) The fynbos and succulent karoo biomes in South Africa’s Greater Cape Floristic Region are two of the world’s plant biodiversity hotspots. Using these two plant genera as model systems, this project will look at the ways in which functional diversity of traits evolves and influences community dynamics.

Dr Caroline Chuong is the lead postdoc this project in the Borevitz lab. Her projects includes analysis of genetic diversity in both Australian and South African Pelargonia species using Genotyping By Sequencing.

Caroline can you add a bit more about samples and some photos?